About Spin Casting

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Why Spin Cast?

 Spin-casting is your simple, cost effective alternative for casting functional prototypes to high volume production runs in pewter, zinc, tin & lead base alloys or thermoset plastics.

  • Fast "Time to Market" Capabilities
  • Eliminate Long Lead Times
  • No Costly Metal Tooling Required
  • Simple to Use Technology
  • Full Support & Training Available


Join product manufacturers worldwide who are successfully using Spin-Casting's Rubber Mold Technology to save time & money. Proven applications range from Decorative and Novelty products to Industrial Components and Replacement Parts. Centrifugal Spin-casting provides an economical solution for product development requirements, as well as short to medium production runs.

With TEKCAST’S Spin-Cast System Precision Parts Are Manufactured With Major Savings In Both Time and Labor.

CAST HIGH-STRENGTH ENGINEERED METAL PARTS - Equivalent to those produced by pressure die casting and other fabrication processes. The TEKCAST rubber mold centrifugal Spin-Casting System provides high levels of strength, close tolerances and excellent reproduction of detail. It produces high-quality parts in commercial grade: ZINC ALLOYS, TIN ALLOYS & LEAD ALLOYS.

Cast Rapid Prototyping and Product Development Parts In Just Hours! IMPROVE DESIGN FLEXIBILITY - Molds can be made and prototypes or development parts cast in as little as three hours. Design changes in size, function, fit or appearance are quickly reproduced without making or wasting a large tooling or machine-time investment.

SPIN-CAST THERMOSET PLASTICS, The Low Cost Alternative To Injection Molding.

THE PLASTICS USED ARE THE QUICK-SETTING LIQUID THERMOSETS WHICH READILY FILL TEKSIL™ MOLDS AT ROOM TEMPERATURES - Many can closely match the properties & characteristics of typical injection-molded thermoplastics.

They include: POLYURETHANES, POLYESTERS, EPOXIES, ELASTOMERS. Spin-Cast thermoset plastics offer fine detail and close tolerances while saving time and major costs over competitive processes, because there is no tooling to amortize.


Precision engineered industrial and electro/mechanical parts are now being produced by Tekcast’s advanced Spin-Casting technology.

Produce highly detailed decorative, novelty objects and hardware items with high quality and finish; suitable for plating, antiquing or polishing. Little or no clean-up required.

Produce a broad range of both functional and decorative plastic parts using a variety of high-strength, commercial grade thermoset plastics.