Silicone Molds

TEKCAST'S Silicone Mold compounds are available in a variety of grades and also SOLD IN DISC OR BULK FORM, especially for spin casting, the grades are selected according to conditions of use, such as casting temperature, the desired precision or dimensional accuracy, mold complexity and length of production run.

TEKCAST's advanced technology and exclusive Spin Casting focus provides you with rubber mold compounds of unequalled performance. Our competitors Highest grade mold materials may only be equivalent to our medium quality General Purpose rubber mold grade. Our top-of-the-line heat resistant compounds are without equal.

TEKSIL Silicone Rubber compounds are the recommended choice for Zinc casting & long production runs of Pewter, Tin and Lead alloys. They are ideally suited to the more demanding applications of higher strength metals, and thermoset plastics, offering high resistance to heat and chemical attack that typically occurs during polymerization of thermosets.

TEKSIL mold compounds are all TEKCAST proprietary formulations and are unconditionally guaranteed for performance. In the uncured (unvulcanized) condition, they all have a greater than 1 year shelf life. Vulcanized molds can be stored indefinitely.

Recommended TEKSIL silicone vulcanizing temperature is 335 degrees F / 170C.

The standard sizes 9" x 1" through 30" x1" sets are made up of four 1/4" thick discs.