About Us

TEKCAST is your one source for quality Spin Casting Equipment and Supplies. Spin Casting is our specialty and our passion.
TEKCAST provides complete in-house Spin Casting Equipment Systems. These systems allow you to economically produce precision metal and plastic components - from prototype and product development parts to full production requirements.

Today, because of its broad versatility, low cost and simplicity, the TEKCAST Spin Casting System is frequently adopted by companies with no previous casting experience or equipment. TEKCAST can provide absolutely everything to "start-up" new operations. Manufacturers worldwide are successfully using our spin casting machinery to cast a broad range of products...from furniture hardware, medallions/medals, fishing lures, decorative collectibles and jewelry to the more demanding applications of industrial prototypes, production run components and reproductions of hard to find replacement parts. Join our rapidly growing TEKCAST family worldwide..... who are now saving time and money with this versatile process!

Our innovative, patented "Front Loading" TEKCASTER sets the standard for quality spin-casting equipment. Our focus has always been on providing quality products that meet stringent requirements for performance and economics. Spin Casting is our only business and our specialty.


A.) Vulcanizer B.) TEKSIL Mold C.) "Front Loading" TEKCASTER D.) Melting Furnace Assembly

With over 35 years of experience, TEKCAST is recognized as the world leader in Spin-Casting equipment and technology. It was founded in 1968 by Leonard Schaer, a graduate metallurgical engineer specializing in casting and mold design. He is the author of 30 technical papers on Spin Casting and holds USA and International patents on Spin Casting equipment.

From its inception, TEKCAST INDUSTRIES RI has not only made a permanent commitment to quality, but also to the improvement of Spin-Casting technology. As a result, TEKCAST's patented "Front Loading" equipment, process developments and technological innovations have expanded the use of Spin-Casting from a jewelry and novelty technique to a major industrial casting process for engineered, industrial and functional parts.

TEKCAST's development of its own high performance TEKSIL silicone rubber mold formulations opened the Spin-Casting frontier to the use of industrial quality, commercially available metals and plastics. TEKCAST also pioneered the use of high strength zinc alloys, thermoset plastics and pattern wax for industrial applications. We offer a broad range of specially formulated metal casting alloys in zinc, pewter & tin base to meet your particular casting requirements and manufacturing needs. Our customer's applications range from Decorative & Novelty products to Industrial and Product Development requirements.

The Economical Alternative to Die Casting: The TEKCAST Spin-Casting system provides high precision, close tolerances and faithful reproduction of detail. When used with our proprietary TEKALOY zinc alloys, to produce high quality parts equivalent to those produced by pressure die casting.

Replaces Plastic Injection Molding: Spin-Casting can also be used as an alternative to plastic injection molding, using quick-setting liquid thermoset plastics. It is also ideal for making wax patterns for investment casting.

State of the Art Process Controls & Engineering Innovations: With the introduction of the new Series 100 TEKCASTER, TEKCAST now offers the highest state of the art control of casting operations. The Series 100-D TEKCASTER features full digital display of cycle time, clamp pressure and spin speed. You work better because our machines are designed to work better for you!

One of the most exciting modern applications of Spin-Casting technology is its use in rapid prototyping and product development. It is ideal for quickly and economically producing numerous, fully functional parts in high strength metal or plastic from any fragile computer-generated stereo lithography models. Product designers can then subject multiple parts to thorough testing and evaluation in their intended applications. With TEKCAST's TEKSIL Rubber Mold materials, molds can be made and prototypes or development parts cast in as little as three hours, or for complex parts, rarely more than one day. Design changes in size, function, fit or appearance are quickly reproduced without making or wasting a large investment in tooling or machine time.

TEKCAST's continued growth and success have been attributed to the consistent emphasis placed on both the high-quality products and the extensive technical support offered to its customers. The training resources it provides include comprehensive 5-8 day training seminars, training manuals, instructional videos and tutorial molds; as well as, in-house training programs. Our fully equipped development and training center and expert technical support staff are second to none. TEKCAST is fully committed to distribution and personal service worldwide. Outside the USA, our network of fully trained distributors also provides expert service and technical support. No matter where you are located, you are assured of a continuing relationship with TEKCAST which will maximize the productivity and price effectiveness of your TEKCAST system.