Spin Casting Machines

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The Intelligent Spin Caster for metal and plastic casting

From the extensive engineering research that created our "patented" Front Loading TEKCASTER, to the operator friendly "casting parameter" reference charts, and soft touch controls, TEKCAST'S Spin Casting machines are DESIGNED TO PROVIDE MANY YEARS OF RELIABLE, TROUBLE FREE OPERATION, and built with the HIGHEST QUALITY INDUSTRIAL GRADE MATERIALS.

Tekcast's unique, patented Front Loading TEKCASTERS possess three key qualities for the efficient, economical production of casted parts:


 1. Mold Stabilization without distortion - Tekcast's patented mold clamping system centers and supports the mold in a horizontal plane while a pneumatic cylinder applies an even, closely controlled clamp pressure. This holds the mold's halves firmly together during pouring without distorting the mold cavity by over-squeezing.


2. Mold Pouring Under Pressure Capability - Rapid, speed - controlled rotation provides the centrifugal force which distributes the liquid metal or plastic throughout the mold, filling all cavities and intricate details while under pressure...before the material can solidify or set-up.


3. Complete Control of Centrifugal Force and Pressure - The TEKCASTER spin casting machine provides a full range of spin speeds and clamp pressures. This optimizes parts quality, tolerances, precision and detail, thereby improving the complete spin casting cycle