Zinc-base Alloys

TEKAST'S TEKALOY product line includes commercial grade Zinc base alloys, derived and modified from ZAMAK or MAZAK standard Zinc Pressure Die Cast alloys.

They have been specially formulated and metallurgically designed by TEKCAST INDUSTRIES to provide superior casting results in Spin-Casting applications.

The tensile, compression yield, impact strength and hardness of our TEKALOY Zinc alloys compares favorably with the Zamak or Mazak alloys. Tekaloy Zinc Alloys are often used as direct replacements for Aluminum, Iron, Copper and low grade steel base alloys to provide similar strength and/or reduced cost on the same application.

TEKALOY Zinc alloys readily accept a wide variety of decorative and corrosion resistant surface finishes. They can be painted to match adjacent parts, externally dyed in a variety of colors or chrome plated for a hard, durable finish. They can also be fully electroplated to take on the appearance of brass, bronze, stainless steel, silver, chrome or gold, etc.

TEKCAST offers several TEKALOY alloys, recommended for specific casting applications, to assist you in achieving the desired results. Please review alloy descriptions and casting characteristics when making your selection. (Sold by the pound or the ton.)