Spin Casting Molds

TEKCAST's advanced technology and exclusive Spin Casting focus give us the edge in providing you with mold compounds of unequalled performance. 

Our proprietary silicone rubber mold formulas help ensure finished products of superior quality.  


Our RTV compound follows the minutest detail and copies it to reproduce surface detail with precision of up to 1 micron. 

We also carry a full line of Organic Mold compounds, offering a variety of durometer (hardness) options to suit your personal preference and casting requirements. 

Tekcast's Mold Making Supplies are carefully selected for quality and field tested to provide you with the best and simplest solutions for all your mold making requirements.

See our: Silicone Mold CompoundsOrganic Mold Compounds, RTV Silicone Products,  Mold Making Supplies pages.

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