Rubber Molds

TEKCAST'S ORGANIC RUBBER MOLD COMPOUNDS are used for casting the lower melting temperature lead and tin-based "white metal" alloys and pewter. Organic Rubber molds are the popular choice for short production run items such as costume jewelry and decorative or novelty items. The recommended vulcanizing temperature for organic rubber molds is 300 F / 150 C.

We carry a full line of Organic Mold compounds, offering a variety of durometer (hardness) options to suit your personal preference and casting requirements. When selecting organic rubber molds consider the durometer and casting characteristics of the particular Organic Rubber Mold disc.

The higher the durometer the lower the shrinkage and the more dimensionally stable the compound. The lower durometer compounds generally feature higher tear and elongation properties, which are necessary for undercut applications.

 The standard size 9" x 1" through 30" x1" sets are made up of two 1/2" thick discs. Made in the USA by TEKCAST INDUSTRIES, INC.