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TEKCAST'S Hydraulic Vulcanizing Presses provide trouble-free, highly accurate and efficient vulcanizing operation. All of our Vulcanizers utilize a 3-Post design for increased stability and precision in mold production. 

Available in sizes:

12-inch Diameter 3-Post Digital Vulcanizer

18-inch Diameter 3-Post Digital Vulcanizer

20-inch Diameter 3-Post Digital Vulcanizer

Configurable to voltages: 220 Volts


Vulcanization is a necessary step to prepare the uncured silicone mold for spin-casting production. Under controlled heat and pressure, the silicone slowly cures to a heat resistant, flexible, permanent mold. TEKCAST’s 3-Post design ensures that the heating platens stay parallel during vulcanization and produce parallel, accurate molds. Additionally, in the unlikely event a unit requires calibration, it is a simple and easy process. Our Vulcanizers are jam-free as the bottom platen is independently suspended on the hydraulic jack ram.

The larger size vulcanizers offer a greater degree of mold making flexibility, as they allow you a broader choice of mold making sizes to work with, and readily accept smaller size molds. TEKCAST 3-Post Digital Vulcanizers are available in 18”, and 20” diameters. Prices do not include freight.


  • Unique 3-Post Design
  • High Quality, Precision Built Steel Construction
  • Independently Suspended Bottom Platen
  • Independent Digital Temperature Controls
  • Separate Temperature Controls for Each Heated Platen
  • Fast, Efficient, Long Life Heaters
  • Automatic 5 Hour Cycle Timer
  • Compact Footprint



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